This week (20-26 April 2015) is Allergy Awareness Week in the UK.

Allergies can be serious – even life threatening. Unfortunately, statistics show the majority of us would not know what to do when faced with a situation where someone is in need of urgent assistance.

Regardless of the risks (nearly half of sufferers live in fear of a deadly allergic reaction) – allergies can be very stressful and uncomfortable for many of those affected.

FEAR - Recognising The Danger Signs
Allergy UK are focusing on a Living In Fear theme this year.

They are calling on the public to recognise the symptoms of a potentially life threatening allergic reaction (known as an anaphylaxis):

  • Face – is their face/are their lips swollen? Have they gone pale? Are they lightheaded?
  • Eyes – is there a look of fear in their eyes? Are they red, watery and puffy?
  • Airways – are they wheezing/uncontrollably coughing? Do they have a shortness of breath? Are they unable to talk? Are they making a strange sound?
  • Rash – is there a red, raised, itchy rash anywhere on their body especially their face or neck?

If a combination of these symptoms is visible, the advice is to administer adrenaline (the person should be carrying an adrenaline pen on them) into the upper, outer leg (thigh) and call 999.

If the symptoms do not improve after five minutes, administer a second dose of adrenaline into the other thigh.

For further information, visit the Allergy UK web site. Allergy UK can also be found on social media:





Allergy Awareness - FEAR