Most of us know we should be keeping well hydrated as part of our general health regime.

Sometimes, a few useful tips can make all the difference, especially for those of you who don’t like plain water or are addicted to caffeine throughout the day.

Water Splash

Photo by Chris Nuzzaco (flickr)

My Top 10 Tips for Keeping Hydrated Throughout The Day
1. Always have a bottle or glass of water handy, whether you are at work, out for a walk or at home. Taking on small amounts, regularly throughout the day, can help a lot.

2. If you don’t like ‘plain water’ there are alternatives. A small amount of fruit juice diluted with water, sparkling water, squash, coconut water, green tea, fruit/herbal teas, smoothies, hot water with a slice or lemon, trying a bottled water, adding a few drops of squeezed lime or lemon to water, unsweetened nut milks and decaffeinated drinks are a few examples that can be helpful.

3. Swap out every other caffeinated drink with a hydrating alternative. It’s useful to space out caffeinated drinks through the day. Ideally, don’t have caffeine after 5 to 6 hours before bed time as it can interfere with restful sleep.

4. Some fruits and vegetables have a high water content and can help hydrate. I’d recommend watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes, celery, radishes, bell peppers, spinach, grapefruit, strawberries and cantaloupe.

5.  Increase fluid intake on very hot days or when exercising, as fluid is lost at a much faster rate during those times

6. Try water at different temperatures. The difference between ice cold water and water kept out of the fridge and not straight from the cold water tap can make all the difference in the overall drinking experience.

7. If you have a craving, it’s possible you are dehydrated and not hungry. Have a small glass of hydrating fluid first and see if the craving passes.

8. Have a glass of water first thing on a morning, before your usual cup of tea/coffee.

9. Keep track of how much water or hydrating drinks you are having throughout each day. Setting a goal of 2 litres can work well as motivation. There are even apps available on smartphones that can help you keep track!

10. Keep some water on your bedside table. You can take sips if waking up during the night or use it for a bigger drink when you wake up.