British Beef Hache Steaks by MusclefoodI’ve had Musclefood’s Great British Hache Steaks a few times now and absolutely love them – 6oz steaks consisting of 90% free range British Beef in each steak, very little water (2.5%) and the remaining 7.5% is seasoning.

A hache steak is, in my mind, a cross between a very high quality meaty burger and an actual steak. Best of both worlds?

You don’t get any noticeable fat or water leaking out of them when they’re cooking. With the thickness of the steak you do have to be aware that, depending on your preference, it will take a bit longer if you want it fairly well done.

Taste wise – excellent. The seasoning is spot on – not too salty and gives a nice flavoursome edge to complement the steak.

Musclefood Hache Steaks nutritionFor a steak, I believe this to be fairly lean. When factoring in the fat with 35.7g of protein, the Hache Steak – either grilled or griddled – goes very nicely with some steamed fresh green veg, and can help produce a more nutritionally-balanced meal if  you are including any starchy carbs like potatoes or rice, etc.

Order Musclefood Hache Steaks online from – a site offering a wide range of lean and nutritious meat products, such as grass-fed beef, free range chicken and exotic cuts including horse fillets and even zebra medallions!

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