National Obesity Awareness Week 2015Obesity is one of the most serious health issues facing us as we go into 2015.

Around one in every four adults in the UK is considered to be obese and health experts are predicting this could rise to as much as 50% by the year 2050.

A National Obesity Awareness week is currently underway (12 – 18 January) and aims to help the public understand the issues surrounding obesity and promote ways for improving their health and getting some support with what can be a very emotional and distressing time. Featured on their web site are news articles, recipes, exercise tips, way to get involved, events, competitions and healthy eating tips for both adults and children.

Help is also at hand from one of their named consultants for those looking to lose weight.  Support forums also encourage people to share their issues and progress in order to help each other.

It’s worth taking a look around this site and, even if you don’t class yourself as obese, there is information to enable you to help a friend or family member who may benefit. The recipes featured are useful for those looking to gradually change over to a healthier diet, who maybe don’t know the best way to do this and would like some healthier recipe ideas to get started with. They also feature a couple of 3 day diet plans to get you underway (Clean & Lean or Cheap & Healthy).

Visit the National Obesity Awareness Week 2015 web site to find out more!