Fruit and VegetablesThere are dozens of different detox plans and products available – all vying for our attention.

One simple fact (often ignored) is the body’s already designed to remove its own toxins. We have four organs of elimination – kidneys, skin, lungs and bowels. In addition to these, the lymphatic system and liver work to help detoxify our body. If any of these organs are inefficient or overloaded with toxins, it puts a greater burden on the others.

Detoxing Naturally
To detox our body we don’t have to go on a ‘crash diet’ or live off the juicer for a few days. It’s possible to get our bodies into a position to detox naturally, over time, and keep it that way. Think of it more as a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix.

Pulses (legumes) are an excellent source of dietary fibreAdopting a ‘balanced diet’ will help set up a solid base so our bodies are in a better state to begin detoxing naturally.

This in turn helps our systems of elimination to function efficiently, as well as essential enzymes to be fully utilised and make the most of nutrients from our food.

A balanced diet consists of eating quality (unprocessed) protein, beneficial fats and (unprocessed) carbohydrates with every meal and snack.

As a general guide, I recommend basing your diet on increasing and limiting certain common foods. 

Have More Have Less
(a variety, including leafy greens)

Fruit (in a variety of colours)

Oils – olive, coconut


(especially oily fish)




(i.e. peas, beans, lentils)

White flour foods
(i.e. white bread and white pasta)


Ready meals

Sugar and sugary snacks

Savoury snacks

Processed meat

Dairy foods




*Eating a lot of vegetables will help decrease the (normally) overly acidic Western diet


Keep well hydrated – it is essential to provide enough hydrating fluids to flush out the toxins. 1.5 to 2 litres a day is a good guideline. This does include tea and coffee, but look to cut right back on any drinks containing caffeine, added sugar or sweeteners.

Exercise regularly – lack of exercise can increase toxins in the body, whilst exercising can help the uptake of vital nutrients from food.

Be aware of prolonged stress – attempt to address any period of prolonged stress and/or general negativity.  Extended periods can cause chemical imbalances that create additional toxins in your body.

For help or advice on a balanced diet, and any particular symptoms or conditions you may have that affects your ability to detoxify – please see my Nutrition Services page, email or call 01572 759589.