Sometimes, due to a variety of dietary and lifestyle reasons, it’s not easy to get the nutrients you need from food.

My Top 5 supplements for a healthy heart, with links to high quality Nutrigold products:

Fish oils
Omega-3 has been shown to significantly reduce LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol and blood triglycerides (fat) as well as increasing the type of cholesterol we DO need – HDL
Nutrigold Fish Oils

A high quality, multi-strain probiotic is a great choice for lowering your blood pressure.
Nutrigold Probiotics

Vitamin D
A good all-round vitamin to help protect against most types of heart disease.
Vitamin D 1000iu | Vitamin D 400iu | Vitamin D Spray 1000iu

Can help bring down high blood pressure.
Nutrigold Actizorb formula | Nutrigold Citrizorb formula

B vitamins
Various benefits including B1 (heart pumping capacity), B3 (can increase HDL cholesterol) and B6 (helps protect against additional damage).
Nutrigold B vitamins

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